Gourmet - Eriksdahl Oy
Onnistunut kokous Erämaailmassa tai Myllytorpalla. Ota yhteyttä, niin suunnitellaan teille sopiva kokonaisuus! - Eriksdahl Oy
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Wilderness Gourmet

We offer delicious menus where every single detail is carefully planned. You can’t find a tastier catering for your meetings!


Tin cups, mess kits, plates made of planks... Wilderness atmosphere in every single detail!

Wilderness gourmet

What is a wilderness gourmet? In Erämaailma it means delicious, aesthetic and unique three-course meals. All these mouthwatering servings can be enjoyed either in Komentokota or outside if weather permits.


Fine dining at Myllytorppa 

At Myllytorppa the tables are filled with delicacy – you can find a diverse selection of traditional and modern courses. Find the mouthwatering treats at the outdoors BBQ!

We have more than ten different menus, contact us to find out more!


  • Wilderness gourmet à la Eriksdahl

  • For example:

    Cantharellus soup with game served with toasted rye

    Fried salmon medallions and matjes herring cake served with potatoes rolled in pest

    Star anise kissel with strawberries and  ice-cream


    Whitefish tartar served with bark bread

    Roasted goose served on beans

    Syrupy apple slices dipped in cinnamon and vanilla sauce

  • Pulled Pork à la Myllytorppa

  • Citrus salad

    Waldorf salad

    Pear – blue cheese salad

    Fisherman’s temptation

    Onion herring

    Brussels sprout gratin

    Boiled potatoes

    Sausage cocktail with mustard

    Pulled Pork in a Hickory sauce

    Islander’s bread

    Juicy carrot cake

    Coffee / tea

  • Breeze from the North à la Myllytorppa

  • Green salad

    Fruity cheese salad

    Gravlax with jellied cranberries

    Northern lights stew (red deer, Finnish squeaky cheese, pickled onion)

    Boiled potatoes

    Braised turnip

    Unleavened bread, rye loaf

    Lingonberry-caramel cake

    Coffee / tea